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G.J, United Kingdom 

Hi Paul, I have enjoyed the last two days very much. Virtual selling is here to say & I’m glad that COMPANY have realized that we must adjust the way that we do things. I found your delivery just right & the content interesting, thank you for a useful & interesting training session, greatly appreciated.

P.W, Germany 

As the organisation evolved under COMPANY, Paul led the way within the EMEA organisation in terms of demonstrating sales coaching skills.  Paul brought positive energy and humour to every situation/project that we worked on together. Working with Paul really was a pleasure. In my opinion Paul will be a great asset to any medical device company that is looking for an experienced, positive, high-energy sales leader or trainer.

P.O, Poland

once again thank you for one of the best training sessions I participated.

R.K , Canada

You were always so kind, genuine and generous sharing your knowledge with other people. I am sure your background will help make your new venture successful.

S.O, Turkey

I had the opportunity to work with Paul on some training projects. He has always stood out for his energy, helpfulness, and leadership within the group. Personally, I got a lot of support and ideas from Paul. It was a great pleasure working with him. Leadership, teamwork, business acumen and problem-solving skills are Paul's prominent characteristic


Thank you for the insightful training and fruitful discussion! Although I believe I ended up in the European training by accident (oops). I am glad I did because you were an excellent instructor

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