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What is your Dominant colour?

Today I want to talk about better understanding yourself and the others around you through the lens of colour through DISC Insights.

DISC Insights is an eye-opening experience that is a great one to share with almost anyone and to see the buzz when the penny drops and when the “aha” moments occurs.

DISC Insights will and does help to inspire others to be the best they can be. And using the quote from the late Steve Jobs: It rings so true for me.

“I truly believe that without this initial experience I would not have been so keen to work with Insights and that my path would have been completely different. The model has amazing power in its simplicity of using four colour energies as an entry point to learning more about yourself”.

It’s important to note we each have an element of all four colour energies within us, you will however lead most dominantly with one of the colour energies.

Do you know what your dominant colour energy is?.

Should you be curious, then allow me to take you on a brief journey through the four colour energies to help you better understand yourself through your colour mix and start to spot different colour energies in your colleagues, friends, family, and your partners.

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