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Having a coach is now a must!

Sales coaching

A main role for a sales coach and sales trainer is to help individuals or teams specifically know some step-by-step ways of how they can improve, whether in motivation or in technique.

In times, we're helping them grow in areas that feel uncomfortable or it feels new, so it's really important for us to actually help them through this process.

As coaches, we can simply show them how to do it and then expect them to be able to follow. But it's so much more valuable if we can actually break it down and teach them a way, they can do it step by step, that way we can help coach them to success.

Another important element of coaching is holding them accountable. And so, a coach's true role is to teach and practice with them, but also hold them accountable. Those are some important parts that a sales coach can apply to their team to help them see results quicker.

The impact of coaching, when I'm training and working with new teams, is helping them realize that often, they know exactly what they need to do, but they're not doing it.

There's some really neat elements that I love at helping people with the motivation part of realizing what's holding them back, why they're not doing what they should be doing, and helping them find out what are some motivators that can help push them forward.

But on the flip side, what do they just not know? What have they been doing over and over and over again incorrectly? And we can help teach them some better techniques that help them get exactly where they want to go.

In my mind, it is an honour and privilege to sit in the role of a coach because it’s truly helping people become the best version of themselves, which helps them become more successful whilst helping them reach all the crazy goals they have in their life.

If you are a sales leader, coach ,L&D manager or even an individual who would like to learn more, then drop me a line. It would be a pleasure to hold a free 30-minute call to discuss further.

Paul Walker

M: +44 (0) 7488330389


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