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When you see that you’re working long hours, you’re working hard and you’re not seeing the results, it’s really demotivating and disappointing.

The training and coaching has made a huge difference. This is my best year by far – I’ve achieved double my sales target. I’ve brought on some of my biggest deals yet, and I just feel in such a different space to where I was a year or two ago.

I can understand people questioning whether they should pay for coaching or training. I’ve been on a lot of training that hasn’t been particularly valuable to me. I think this training workshop is extremely different and I would say go for it. I have actually found a change in terms of my professional life, but it has also impacted my personal life in the sense that you feel like you’re achieving good things at work. I’m more tailored in terms of the time I spend on the right things, which means I’m not working the hours I did – I’m just ‘boxing clever’ around it, and that’s thanks to a lot of skills I learned with you

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