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Assessing Communication Styles to Improve Employee Efficiency

If you want to increase engagement in your workplace, improving communication at every level of your organization is a great place to start.

However, that can be easier said than done for your team — communication is a huge area to focus on. How can your team find out where they are at in terms of communication strength, and then where they need to improve.

That’s where communication style assessments come in. Using tools that dive deep into behavioural styles not only help people understand each other, but also creates a shared language in an organization.

One of the more popular and easier to work with is DISC Insights : You might be wondering what DISC does to improve communication besides just identifying those behavioural styles.

The great thing about using a communication style assessment like DISC is that it gives your organization a shared language. The vocabulary of assessments helps ground your team in mutual understanding; behaviour that might be confusing or distracting can be understood and explored with the right processes in place.

If you would like to learn more about enhancing your team’s communication strengths or DISC Insights as a coaching tool ,book a free 30 minutes discussion with me.

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