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Are you a People Pleaser?

If you're doing one of these things, you're letting people-pleasing take over your business. - Agree to every request, even if it's not part of the paid service - Reply "ASAP" to everything - even if it's not really urgent - Book meetings or calls only around client availability - Work around client time and not your own - Agree to discount or charge lower - Offer additional services without charging There are so many reasons why we struggle to say no, one of which is seeking external validation to make ourselves feel worthy or needed. We all want people to be happy with working with us, but there's meeting expectations and oozing the right amount of value... And then there's going out of your way and compromising your own needs. This is where the processes or systems you already have in your business can actually help you to say no. Be clear on what it is you're saying no to, why and what you give up when you say yes to each wrong thing Once you're clear on that - you can create the right boundaries with the processes that run your business to help you say no, without saying it. Which from the list resonates with you?

Maybe I can help to coach you to say No more often to benefit your well being

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